• Biomass Engine Series


Biomass gas engine, using rice hull, straws, wood powder, wood chips as materials, produce combustive power fuel through gasifying of gasifier, to drive the engine. Using rice hull, straws, wood powder, wood chips to replace the expensive and intensive oil resources, has better comprehensive economic profit, and eliminate the pollution of great rice hull, straws at the same time.


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Biomass Engine Series
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Performance & Feature

1. The engine speed is 500r/min or 600r/min, low rotation speed can reduce the engine abrasion, extend parts life time, reduce spare parts storage, improve customer’s economic benefits. For example, rotation speed low, low requirement to the clearance between shaft and bearings, less abrasion between shaft and bearings, and less scuffing. Low rotation speed, low activity frequency of air valve, less abrasion between air valve and valve seat, and the air valve and valve seat are made from special material, the engine needn’t to change after running more than one years。

2Adobting the firing system of ALTRONIC company of U.S., ensure the firing to be controlled.The firing genset of our company gas genset includes digital firing module, high voltage coil, high voltage wire, spark plug and so on. The firing system is imported from ALTRONIC company of U.S., ensuring the firing to be controlled.

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