• QTA71E Series
Engine Model
Prime Power
Standby Power
1810kW 1988kW 1500rpm
2000kW 2220kW 1500rpm
2220kW 2442kW 1500rpm


16 cylinder engine, V-type.

Turbocharged and water-to-air charging cooling system.

Exhaust ducting via single-line system (Pulse energy advanced recovery line).
Single cylinder heads with four-valve technology.
Electronic governor included in standard scope of supply.
Integrated cooling radiator or water heat exchanger system.
Robust fully balanced crankshaft design for a more steadily and higher strength.
High quality alloy cast iron for rigidity performance and good stability.
Wet type cylinder liner with good cooling effect and work performance, easy to replaced.
High pressure fuel pump with high injection pressures.
Compact dimensions design.
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QTA71E Series
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Performance & Feature
High compression ratio and high ignition pressure ensure low fuel consumption.
Pulse Energy Advanced Recovery Line guarantees an improved efficiency.
High reliability and a long life of components further enhance operation economy.
Single cylinder head technology save service storage cost.
Moduling design improve the new products progress and cost.
Compact dimension offer optimum requirement for low installation cost.
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